Our Recent Work


Traquer a social empowered road safety app, the voice of public transport users (traquer.my) which has won multiple awards and publications.

This application is created for the citizen in Malaysia to ensure their safety on the road. To create safety awareness, improve services, and bring value into our cities.

Traquer, the idea of crowd-sourcing road safety app allows citizens to help each other to monitor safety on the road. We can make the difference!

Fleet Management System Features:
  • Real time speed monitoring and report
  • Real time vehicle location
  • Driver's performance and management
  • Send instant alert to drivers for speed violation

Little Hunter

Little Hunter is in the on-demand business and resembles something of a Kickstarter for clothing. It's a platform that allows people to buy and sell T-shirt without any costs and risks.

People or organizations with a design for a T-shirt upload it to the Little Hunter platform. After design has been approved we will set the base price for every shirt, depending on the complexity as well as the shirt fabric.

Then the designer sets a price for the T-shirt and the sale is launched on Little Hunter.

But the sale goes live only when 5 shirts have been preordered by customers, at which point Little Hunter takes all the orders, sends the shirts to a manufacturing partner, ships them to the purchasers, and hands the T-shirt designer with 15% of profit from the sales.

C2C Commerce Features:
  • Seller profiling and upload products
  • Seller create own promotion code and manage their own payout
  • Buyer order and purchase system with payment gateway
  • Admin portal


cyberCanteen aims to provide a complete software solution for canteens that operate in private and smart schools which focuses on generating health awareness to students.

It is a Cashless Online Canteen solution using latest Web and Mobile Apps technology in transforming the traditional operations and food ordering in Canteen.

The target market for cyberCanteen is focusing on private and smart school in Malaysia that operates a canteen.

cyberCanteen provides parents or students to perform cashless transactions to order their food from canteen via website or mobile apps. Besides, cyberCanteen is the first system in Malaysia that able to analyze and monitor students’ health conditions such as providing monthly calories consumptions report based on the ordered food and create an obesity alert when reaching severity level in obesity.

Moreover, parents are able to monitor and control the food that ordered by their children by taking care of their children’s health conditions.

Canteen Online Management Features:
    Web Application
  • Dashboard
  • Canteen and Maintenance
  • User Management
  • Top Up Management
  • Report Analysis

  • Mobile Application
  • Canteen Food Dispatch
  • Food Ordering
  • Score and Gamification
  • Real Time Food Quantity Management
  • Profiling